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Thanks to the Total Anti-Aging Complex (8 active ingredients, covered by 2 patents) and a cocktail of synchronising, protective and repairing active ingredients, this exceptional treatment is a genuine total anti-aging “booster”. Inspired from Chronobiology and Gemmotherapy, it aims at rebalancing the good functioning of the skin by resynchronizing its natural rhythms and potentialising its protective functions during the day and repairing functions during the night. Result: All signs of aging are smoothed out, the skin is repaired, more moisturized and better protected. For an incredibly silky and velvety feeling, this treatment contains also the "Cashmir Complex", patent pending. Double treatment for 4 weeks. Apply Chrono Protect in the morning before make-up and Chrono Repair in the evening before bedtime.
30 ml bottle x 2
Price 488,58 €
PUR LUXE Premium Anti-Aging Time-Regulating Treatment
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