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As of 1949, Stendhal was the first brand to use mink oil in cosmetics. Then, in 1952, it was once again the first to launch an anti-cellulite treatment based on a exclusive patent and had the courage to market a treatment for a beautiful bust.

A pioneer, even in packaging, as in 1958, Stendhal innovated with a product packaged in single-dose vials,a revolutionary concept at the time!

It proved its scientific expertise again in 1968 with the use of sea urchin gonad extracts to launch the first embryo-genetic treatment in vials and the famous Recette Merveilleuse line. It caused a revolution in 1983 with the launch of the first hypoallergenic line in the selective market, Bio Program. This was followed in 1989 by the discovery of grape seed PhytosomesTM, an exclusive patent used in the essential Varèse suncare line.




Stendhal, backed up by its know-how, asserts its position through state-of-the-art products to meet the needs of the most demanding women: 2 patented ingredients and an exceptional patented texture for the new high performance total anti-aging care line, Pur Luxe ; the first range combining hypoallergenic with anti-aging care, Bio Anti-Age.

The first selective care with mimetic DHEA (without hormonal activities), Ovale Lift; the use of a revolutionary scientific concept, Chronobiology in Anti-Aging Time-Regulating Treatment Pur Luxe; a Pur Luxe care lipstick combining the performance of active ingredients, the magic of color and sophisticated packaging…

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