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"Like a mosaic, the face is composed of different compartments, in which comes to settle adipose tissue.
With age, the quantity of fat stays identical but its repartition varies: it migrates from high to low, in other terms from the cheekbones to the jowls.
To fight against the adverse effects of time on the epidermis and restore a new youthful look to your face, the Stendhal Laboratories, inspired by the “remorphing” technique invent: No limit, an original association of 2 high technology cares.

These 2 extreme cares are applied morning and evening: the sculptor, an immaculate white, from the cheeks down to the neck to reshape perfectly the facial contour by bringing it a maximum of firmness and finesse
2x20 ml double airless
Price 128,78 €
NO LIMIT Anti-Aging Care
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